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Noetic Sciences – What’s Noetic Science?

June 11, 2012

The understanding of subjective experiences and their impact on the physical happenings is one of the hot scientific researches today. This is not a new one as the abilities of mind and its complex processes have always been an area of interest for the scientist. The modern day Noetic science is a complete discipline which is based on the study of consciousness and importance of subjective experiences. The term Noetic was first used by Greek philosophers and it means ‘mental’ and ‘perception with mind’. This has been known as a field of study related to metaphysical philosophy that is involved in investigating mind and intellect. The historical evidence shows a complete study of this topic on philosophical grounds and includes two major doctrines, the agent/patient intellect by Aristotle and divine intellect by Plotinus. These classical philosophies provide a clear understanding of something over and above the physical and material world and explain the existence and use of mind with all its subjective powers.

However today, things have changed and this is no more a topic of philosophy. Throughout the history, this term, Noetics has been used to explain topics like consciousness, spirituality and mind power. A major modern day study, known as theory of Noetics, was proposed by Richard L. Amoroso, director Noetic advanced studies institute. He proposed that there is another causal principle of purposefulness that has nothing to do with the ordinary matter but is one among the major cosmological principles of consciousness. The major part of this theory is that it considers mind and thoughts as tangible things. According to him, the mind and consciousness can be described in quantitative terms by making use of formulae applicable to quantum things for example light.

Noetic science, as proposed by the institute of Noetic sciences, is another theory that provides evidence and explanation of Noetics. This theory combines the subjective and objective understanding to interpret the happenings in physical world. It also studies the impact of intuition and other subjective outcomes like beliefs, thoughts and intentions on the physical world happenings.
Noetics has taken the shape of a formal scientific study that intends to explain the role of consciousness in nature. Various experiments have been designed to find evidence for this theory. Scientists are busy investigating the impacts and importance of consciousness and are hopeful that a better understanding of this topic will lead to sustainable world. The combination of conventional science with spirit is thought to be a major paradigm that will help explain the purpose and working of universe.

Noetics is a top study of modern times as it is trying to unveil the connections of human thoughts and beliefs with the real happenings. ‘Our belief system is what causes our reality’ this is a major principle that can be found in all major religions of the world. It is a fact that the actual shape of reality is largely affected by the way we perceive it. This is going to have a large impact of future research as scientists are hopeful about the usefulness of consciousness in the better understanding of happenings in the universe, but right now, this study is just going through a phase of theoretical development and ongoing research promises some striking truths about nature. noetic science proof – click here, living matrix guides , the living matrix movie

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